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#3 Editorial Shame and Composure • Patricia L. Boyd at Reena Spaulings Foreign Correspondence: The City Is What Fucks Us • Martin Wong at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art Forced Optimism • Wangechi Mutu at the New Museum Bad Conscience: A Roundtable on Anxious Art Lost in Transmission • “Signals: How Video Transformed the World” at MoMA Old Cloth • Albert Oehlen and Paul McCarthy at Gagosian At Eternity’s Gait • Giorgio de Chirico at Vito Schnabel Gallery Victorian Men, Part 2 • Drew Zeiba at Bard College Made in Heaven #1: A Roundtable on Perverts and Populists well she, they, um — not whispering mannerism but telling non • Trisha Donnelly at Matthew Marks Late Spring • Sherrie Levine at David Zwirner Experts, the Suburbs • Amalia Ulman at Jenny’s

Contributors to Downtown Critic #3 are Noah Barker, Anna-Sophie Berger, Joe Bucciero, Eli Coplan, George Egerton-Warburton, Colt Hausman, Joseph Henry, Benjamin Hirte, Pujan Karambeigi, Rose Leadem, Dani Leder, Calum Lockey, Geoff Mak, Robert Sandler, Sinclair Spratley, Sean Tatol, Stanton Taylor, SoiL Thornton, Jessica Wilson.

#2 Editorial Presence Is Grace • Theaster Gates at the New Museum Toys “R” Us: A Roundtable on Baby Art Victorian Men • Angharad Williams and Sophie Gogl at Francis Irv Like Someone Blows in Your Ear • Ghislaine Leung at Maxwell Graham double-loved • Richard Prince at Gagosian I Don’t Feel Guilty • Matt Browning at Gandt Filling Space • “Life Between Buildings” at MoMA PS1 It’s a Metaphor • Nikita Gale at 52 Walker Foreign Correspondence: Commodity Fetish • “Rust” at Sprüth Magers Berlin Minor Dramas • New York City Players on the Harbor Lights Yacht Cultural Diplomacy • Faith Ringgold at the New Museum

Contributors to Downtown Critic #2 are Anna-Sophie Berger, Norman Chernick-Zeitlin, Amana Fontanella-Khan, Colt Hausman, Pujan Karambeigi, Dani Leder, Genevieve Lipinsky de Orlov, Geoffrey Mak, Annie Ochmanek, Kari Rittenbach, Robert Sandler, Monika Senz, Sinclair Spratley.

#1 Editorial Pee Is Us • Jason Hirata’s Why Not Lie? at Artists Space As a rule, ceilings do not exist • Encountering art fairs online After the Sky • Melancholia at Metrograph To see from afar, through glass, from word of mouth, who would have thought… • Sydney Schrader’s “Torus and The Cup Factory” at Gandt Mood for Opposition • Google Drive (Won‘t you take me to) Frankytown • David Velasco teaching Adrian Piper’s Funk Lessons Pseudo Ambient • Sydney Schrader’s “Torus and The Cup Factory” at Gandt For Immediate Release • The 2019/2020 season review Sure as hell, that’s a crime • Henry Chalfant: “Art vs. Transit, 1977-1987” at the Bronx Museum An Interface for Extravagary • Inventory-19 #newMoMA? The Critic Bites • “The Critic” at Matthew Marks

Contributors to Downtown Critic #1 are Noah Barker, John Beeson, Victoria Campbell, Micaela Carolan, Kevin Champoux, Liam Considine, Colt Hausman, Rattan Johal, Pujan Karambeigi, Sam Korman, Dani Leder, Emma McCormick-Goodhart, Moritz Nebenführ, Shivani Radhakrishnan, Robert Sandler, Stacy Skolnik, Torey Thornton, and Lauren Young.

Editor Pujan Karambeigi
Publisher Robert Sandler